2018 Round-Up and 2019 Goals

Happy 2019!

Today is the first day of a whole new year, and that means it's goal-setting time! By declaring my goals on the internet, I risk public embarrassment if I don't get them done, making me more likely to achieve what I set out to do :P

Ahem ... let's get to it.

At the start of 2018, I said that I wanted to ...

In addition to the things mentioned above, in 2018 I ...

  • Started an editing business! (Which I haven't posted about on this blog [yet], but you can check out my website here!)
  • Came up with a great new idea about what to write when I finish Neuropath! (I'll probably post about it when I actually start drafting)
  • Found some great critique partners for Neuropath, thanks to Megan Lally's #CPMatch!

This year hasn't quite gone how I was expecting (a business owner? Me???), but it's been very exciting, and I'm really looking forward to 2019!

My most popular post of the year was ...

"Why the 'Not Like Other Girls' Trope Needs to Die in a Fire." I had a lot of fun writing that post, and it gives me a sense of satisfaction that it tops the list for the most hits.

And finally, my goals for 2019 are ...

  • Polish up Neuropath
  • Query Neuropath
  • Keep on writing even as I enter college this year (Woot!)
  • Be better about updating this blog ... I really let things slide in 2018, lol.
  • Read EVEN MORE great books!

May 2019 be your year!

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