My Favorite Books of 2018

2019 is just around the corner!

Every December, I post about my favorite books of the year -- you can see my favorite reads of 2016 and 2017 here and here. This year, some of the categories are the same as in years past, but I've switched a couple out.

To be clear, not all of these books are 2018 releases -- they're just books that I happen to have read this year. However, by sheer coincidence, my overall favorite has been a current-year release every single time I've done this. Go figure.

Favorite summer read

I burned through most of the Lunar Chronicles (Scarlet through Winter) this summer, but Fairest stood out for me because Levana's development was SO GOOD. It's hard to write a developed villain, but Marissa Meyer did SUCH a great job of making Levana sympathetic while still showing that the Queen of Luna is twisted, maniacal, and evil to the core.

Favorite contemporary novel

Another one of Lucy Keating's books, Literally, made my favorite reads list last year, but I think this one was even better. I've always loved contemporary with a speculative twist, and the additional mystery element in this one made it a winner for me.

Favorite classic read

I love weird, twisted sci-fi, and this was as twisty as it gets. It was wonderfully creepy in 1972, and it's still wonderfully creepy in 2018.

Favorite self-published book

I wrote a full review of this book on this blog back in July. Yes, it's a tad unrealistic, and yes, it's on the cheesy side, but sometimes you need a bit of light romance and catty drama to take a break from the heavier stuff. It's just straight-up enjoyable, and I definitely think it deserves this spot. (Side note -- Alexandra Moody also featured in my favorite books of 2016 with her amazing ARC series).

Favorite anticipated read

The first book in this duology, Dreamfall, made my favorite-reads list last year, and Neverwake totally delivered on its predecessor's promises. I loved getting to read chapters from Ant's perspective, and the ending was nice and satisfying.

HONORABLE MENTION: Someday by David Levithan. I'd been waiting hungrily for this sequel to Every Day for ages, and it was pretty good, but not mind-blowingly awesome. I think that's mostly due to the fact that Every Day was so amazing -- Someday couldn't really match the magic of the original. (Every Day was on my favorite-reads list in 2016, and it's been one of my all-time favorites ever since.)


Oh. Mah. Gosh. This book blew my mind! The lush worldbuilding, the intriguing concept, and the perfect execution easily grabs The Belles the top spot on my list. I even bought a second copy to give to a friend as a birthday present.

So, those were my favorite reads of 2018. What about you? Share your faves in the comments!

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