10 Struggles only Writers Will Understand

Being a writer comes with its own set of unique challenges. If you write, you've probably experienced at least some of these. If you've encountered all ten of the struggles on my list, then congratulations! You're a fully-fledged #writerproblems veteran.

1. When you can't focus on other things because you're thinking about writing

Whether you're supposed to be studying, doing chores, or working a day job, that darn story keeps whispering new ideas in your ear.

2. When you can't focus on writing because you're thinking about other things

Even more annoying, other things keep popping up when you're supposed to be solely devoted to your craft. Man, it's hot in here. I'm hungry. Wait, did I do the dishes yet?

3. When your baby ... I mean book ... isn't quite as awesome as you thought it was

It was going to be an awesome intergalactic heist, but instead you've got a bunch of bland characters sitting around and inspecting each others' gadgets. And you really don't know what they're meant to be heist-ing, anyway.

4. When all you want is to talk about your WIP but you know your friends/family/goldfish really aren't interested

You mean you're NOT interested in my personal struggle that requires two years of context and detailed edit notes to understand?

5. When you're STUCK


6. When every word you type feels WRONG

You've used "Just" five times in the past sentence. What even are words?

7. When your book is completely dominating your life and you start to wonder if you're going insane

You have conversations with your characters. You refuse to listen to any music except your writing playlist. You rant about your story to anyone who will listen. You are a creature of delusions and caffiene, pounding out hundreds of words every time you sit down to write. You are perfect.

8. When you want to write but you don't have time

That story is calling out to you with its siren song, but you're tied to your school and work and chores and ughhhh. You don't really need sleep, right?

9. When you have time to write but you don't want to

Nahhhh, just scroll through Twitter for three hours instead. It's okay because you're ~building your author platform~

10. When people don't understand why you keep on doing this to yourself

"Ughhhhhh my book is awful, and I have writer's block, and I can't think of any good ideas, and ..."
"Why don't you just give up?"

Because if there's one thing every writer knows, it's that it's all worth it in the end.

Do you know of a writer's struggle I missed? What's your biggest challenge as a writer? Share in the comments!


  1. Haha, these are great! I relate to all of them to some extent, but I think especially #6 right now . Trying to come back to writing after doing nothing but school for months on end is... interesting. And "what even are words?" YES! xD I seriously am like 'what even is this stuff?' 'what are these words that I'm trying to write' xD Ahhhh... #suchisawriterslife I'm hoping to get back into the groove over the summer!
    ~Hannah M.

  2. I have pretty much all of those! Especially number 7. XD

    Another writer's struggle is having too many story ideas you want to write! For example:

    'Hey, Mum! I just thought of a great new book idea and I've already written 40 pages of it!"

    "That's great...but what about the other story?"

    "Oh. Yeah. That....Ugh, I suppose I better finish that one first."

    Clare P.