3 Features that Kindle Really Needs to Add

Anyone who owns a Kindle knows that, while they're great, they're not perfect. Even though they allow us to fit hundreds of books into a space smaller than a single paperback, there are still a lot of drawbacks to their technology. With that in mind, here are the three features I really wish my Kindle had.

(Note: I'm talking about regular Kindles, not Kindle Fires. Also, I own a 2016 Kindle, so future Kindles might actually have some of these features.)

1. Speakers

When Kindles first came out, speakers were standard issue. You could use them to listen to music, and there was even a text-to-speech option that made your Kindle read your books to you. Nowadays, Kindles don't have so much as a headphone jack. This makes no sense -- why take away such a useful component? Clearly, speakers need to be brought back.

2. Colored e-ink

So far, Kindles can only display in black and white. Think how cool it would be to read an ebook with color illustrations and diagrams! Plus, a color display could make menus much easier to navigate. Fortunately, this isn't a pipe dream -- colored e-ink does exist, and a color Kindle might not be that far off.

3. Page Flip

If you've ever tried to use a Kindle book for studying, you'll know that the inability to flip back and forth like with a physical book is a huge pain. Sure, you can highlight parts you think you'll need to come back to later, but it's not always obvious which bits you'll need to re-read. The Kindle app for phones and tablets remedied this last year with an awesome page flip feature (which I reviewed here), but regular Kindles are left in the lurch. Hopefully, Amazon will figure out a way to bring Page Flip to all Kindles in the near future.

Kindles are truly awesome, but they've still got a long way to go before they reach their full potential. With all the new advances in tech, however, most of these features will probably become reality within a few years' time. I, for one, can't wait.

What features do you wish your Kindle had? Sound off in the comments!

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