I Took 200+ Instagram Photos Over the Summer

So, some backstory.

For my sophomore year of college, I lugged my vinyl photo backgrounds, props, a tripod, and a not-insignificant number of books over 1,000 miles so that I could keep my bookstagram running while I was at school. Not only did all that stuff take up way too much space in my luggage (and my dorm room), but having to constantly create content while being in school full-time was super stressful.

So for my junior year, I decided to take as many photos as I could over the summer so that I wouldn't have to produce content while at school. No backgrounds or props clogging up my luggage -- just a roll of prepared photos, enough for me to post every single day of the school year.

Just one problem. That's over 200 photos.

Clearly, I had to get my butt in gear.

I ended up taking most of the photos all at once on specific days, in batches ranging from about six to a whopping 38 on my most productive day of the summer. I'd listen to music or a podcast while I worked. Since my photo space was downstairs (for the best lighting) and my bookshelf was upstairs, I ended up hauling huge armfuls of books down the stairs on my photo days. And let me tell you, my dogs REALLY wanted to eat them.

I think it's a common problem with creative pursuits that if you stare at your own work for long enough, you start to hate it. So many of my photos felt uninspired when I looked back at them after a photo session. But after some distance, I'm actually really proud of most of them. 

Once, I even straight-up deleted a photo I'd spent ages on because I didn't like the arrangement, but a few days later I was going through my recently deleted folder and decided I actually loved it. So it's safely sitting in my "for Instagram" folder now. I still haven't posted it as of yet, but I think other people will like it too.

There's a myth that inspiration is fickle and you can only create effectively when the muse strikes you, but you never get anything done that way. Especially when you need to take 200+ Instagram-ready photos in a summer. I think if there's one thing this experience has taught me, it's that even stuff you create when you're feeling uninspired can end up being really cool.

Long story short: my camera roll is stocked, the pressure of running my bookstagram is way lighter, and I learned that creativity doesn't require a particular amount of inspiration to still be awesome.

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