The End of The Dreamon

After three months, four drafts, and a lot of sleepless nights, I'm proud to say that my first ever YA novel, The Dreamon, is finished.

Or, at least, it's fit for human consumption. Now I've got to allow (force?) other people to read it and give me feedback, and I then have to go through it line by line with my editor, and all the other fun stuff you get to do during the final editing phase. But it's mostly done (and, in case you've read my earlier posts, I did end up beating my target of 40,000 words. Which is good, because it would be totally embarrassing if I didn't ...).

Honestly, though, I'm kind of sad that it's over. Despite the fact that the constant writing and rewriting and re-rewriting was utterly exhausting, it was really, really fun. Whenever I tried to give The Dreamon a rest, I found myself being drawn back for more. I was unable to leave it alone for more than a couple of days. I honestly could not stop myself from writing this book.

Last September, I blogged about falling in love with what you're writing. In that post, I mentioned how you have to really love the idea of your book, because you'll be stuck with it for a while. I'm very grateful to be able to say, with full certainty, that I am perfectly happy to be stuck with The Dreamon for a very long time. I love the story. I love the characters. I love everything about it.

And, if I'm lucky, perhaps everyone else will, too.

Update 09/02/16: Actually, The Dreamon was very far from done. Eight months later, I'm still editing. Ahh, the joys of being an unrepentant pantser.

Here's an adverb-heavy, early draft quote from my Precious ... I mean, The Dreamon

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