The Return of the Screen

Well, my (almost) screen-free month is over.

I'm not going to lie, it's been really hard. Several times there's been something I've wanted to do that involves a screen, and I can't do it because I won't let myself. Once or twice, I admit that I did give in to my temptation (I'm going to make up for those days in August). But, on the whole, it's been refreshing.

I read about ten books this month. That's a big chunk out of my To Be Read list. I planned the rest of Super Sporty 8, and did some other writing exercises, too. I went on walks, did some gardening, and spent time with my family. I think it was a much-needed break from the hold that screens have on my life.

I also discovered several new tools for scheduling social media updates. I used Buffer and TweetDeck for scheduling Twitter posts.  Instagram doesn't actually let you schedule updates, but you can prepare images to post later with one swipe using an app called Latergram. I also found out that you can actually schedule Blogger blog posts, which came in handy.

So, screen-free month was both a break, and a learning experience. Plus, a fun challenge. And now, I'd like to challenge you. Can you go screen-free? Maybe not for a month, but just for a week? Three days? A day?

Whatever you choose, I wish you luck! Go and have fun in the real world.

And now, I'm off to write my book.

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