50 Bookstagram Props That You Already Have at Home

 The idea of finding props for photos can sound daunting and expensive -- especially in the bookstagram community, where the bar for pretty photos is set so high. Like, some people have real fantasy-looking swords and setups with dozens of props in one shot! How are you supposed to compete?

Well, it turns out that a lot of the best props for bookstagram are actually very affordable, or even free. And not only that ... you probably have a lot of them at home already! With that in mind, I've compiled a list of 50 prop ideas that I've used myself and/or seen popular bookstagram creators use. All of them are common household items, so the odds are good that you own at least a few!

Read on for some prop inspiration ...

1. Fresh or dried flowers
2. Faux fabric flowers
3. Candles/tea lights
4. Mugs/teacups
5. Teapots
6. Wine glasses
7. Coasters
8. Scrabble tiles
10. Potpourri

11. Potted plants
12. Headphones
13. Shoes
14. Playing cards
15. Jewelry
16. Pillows
17. Blankets/sheets
18. Scarves
19. Sweaters
20. Musical instruments

21. Sunglasses or regular glasses
22. A magnifying glass
23. Stuffed toys
24. Food/snacks/baked goods
25. Notebooks
26. Pens/pencils
27. Paperclips
28. Funko pops/action figures
29. Enamel pins
30. Origami

31. Sewing/knitting supplies
32. Sequins
33. Feathers
34. Stickers
35. Pretty rocks
36. Pinecones
37. Leaves
38. Trays/chopping boards
39. Silverware
40. Loose pages from old books

41. Newspaper pages
42. Magazines
43. Photo frames
44. Chalkboards
45. Tote bags
46. Electronic devices (laptops, cameras, phones, Kindles)
47. Old lightbulbs
48. Mirrors
49. Christmas tree ornaments
50. Fairy lights

Final Thoughts

Despite what your Instagram feed might tell you, photo props don't have to break the bank! I hope this post was helpful in finding inspiration for your next bookstagram shoot. If you have any prop suggestions that I missed, be sure to drop them in the comments below!

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