On Starting a Bookstagram

If you're into books and you've so much as glanced at Instagram, you've probably seen those ridiculously pretty bookstagram accounts which post a seemingly-endless stream of gorgeous book pictures, all tied together with a similar aesthetic.

Well, I'm now the proud owner of one very young, very low-budget bookstagram. And it's all the fault of some random person on Twitter.

My #bookstagram thus far
I've had an Instagram account since 2015, but a couple of weeks ago, I realized I hadn't posted on it since last July. Clearly, I had two choices: give up on my account completely, or get my butt in gear and start being active again. So I made the decision the only way anyone makes a decision these days: with a Twitter poll.

By a margin of one vote, the decision was settled (thanks, random anonymous Tweep!). But I couldn't just start posting sporadically and lapse back into my old ways. I needed a more structured and fun way to keep my Instagram account going.

This led me to the obvious conclusion: to start a bookstagram. I deleted all my old posts and gave myself a fresh start.

From now on, all my Instagram posts will be solely related to books (mostly YA ones) and bookish quotes; and also tea, because I freaking love tea. Some of my captions will be mini reviews of the featured books, some will be fun questions, and some will be philosophical musings. I will also be posting every day, and I'm (hopefully) going to make my feed look relatively cohesive and pretty.

So if you ...
  1. Like books
  2. Like tea
  3. Like neither but think it would be funny to watch me struggle to maintain an aesthetic
... then go follow me on Instagram @looseleafellie. Can't wait to see you there!

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