Book Review: The Wrong Bachelor by Alexandra Moody

At long last, I am back from my summer-school-induced hiatus. Now that classes are done and I have some extra time on my hands, I've been indulging in some summer reading, and I'm going to share my thoughts on the latest book I read.

I've raved about Alexandra Moody's ARC series on this blog before, so now here are my thoughts on her brand-new release.

Book Title: The Wrong Bachelor
Author: Alexandra Moody
Age Category: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Number of Pages (According to Amazon): 282
My Rating: 4 out of 5

Book description (from Amazon):

Bachelor: A desirable potential boyfriend. AKA not Cole Kingston.
Seventeen-year-old Madison (Madi) Matthews wants nothing to do with the dating competition her school is holding to raise money for charity. She's never been interested in chasing a guy before and she certainly isn't interested in competing for one in front of the whole school.
But, when Madi is voted as one of the ten "lucky" contestants, she's given no choice but to vie for the heart of Lincoln High's most eligible bachelor. The problem is, they've chosen the wrong guy.
Cole Kingston might be good looking, great with a football and practically the king of Lincoln High, but he's also cocky, arrogant, a serial flirt and Madi's sworn enemy.
Will she be able to resist him though when the competition heats up and he turns his charms on her?

My greatest criticism of The Wrong Bachelor is that it was kind of predictable, but I guess that's romance for you. Still, I love a good enemies-to-lovers trope. The concept of a high school charity dating show was also quite cool, though I'm not entirely sure how the idea got approved by the school board.

The main characters -- popular, beautiful Madi and popular, handsome Cole -- seemed a little bland to me at first. Madi's only character traits were that she was nice and pretty, while Cole himself was kind of a douche. I had a hard time working out how Madi could ever fall for him when he seemed to take pleasure in making her angry, and I feared that the inevitable ending wouldn't be believable. In the end, however, Cole turned out to be really sweet, though I'm not quite sure when or why that shift happened. Nevertheless, it was nice to see that character development.

A much more interesting character for me was Angus, the student body president-slash-showrunner who would stop at nothing to amp up the drama. It was fascinating to see just how far he would go to get more votes and views, and his actions raised some really interesting questions about just how ethical reality shows like this are. I also loved how Angus's choices and the hype around the show caused some serious problems for Madi. (What can I say? I'm a sucker for drama.)

Overall, The Wrong Bachelor is a fun and enjoyable read. It's one of those books that you can devour in just a few sittings for some nice light escapism. Even though it's obvious how things will end up, the joy is in the journey, not the destination.


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