K.T. Munson talks about her upcoming trilogy!

Today's post is very special, because I'm having a super exciting chat with YA author K.T. Munson!

I interviewed K.T. a while back, and I've also posted my review of her YA sci-fi, Unfathomable Chance, on this blog. Now she's back to talk about her upcoming YA fantasy trilogy, The Gate. The prequel to this series, The Gate Guardian's Daughter, comes out on May 20, though I was lucky enough to snag an advance review copy (you can read my review of it here). I can tell you first hand, you don't want to miss it!

Now, let's get to the questions!

Can you tell us any juicy information about The Gate trilogy that isn't in the synopsis?

KT: Things that happen in the first book absolutely affect what happens in the last book. Events, characters, or items that seem minor or even irrelevant will likely come back into play in future books. Be careful, though, because I left a few 'false' trails just to keep everyone on their toes! Also I borrowed a lot of history and myths from across time and around the world. This is more true in future books, but you get a taste in this one.

What excites you most about The Gate trilogy?

KT: The underlying message. More than anything I'm happy to share a story that at its core is about accepting yourself for who you are. It is something I've seen a lot of people, young women especially, struggle with. Elisabeth struggles with this, but it isn't an easy fix. I really hope that throughout the series the readers are inspired by Elisabeth and other characters. You can't change what you are, but you can change who you are. (Ellie's note: I may need to put that quote on my wall!)

Where did you get the inspiration for The Sixth Gate?

KT: I wrote this book for my life long friend who is more of a sister really. She was telling me one day that she was sick of poorly done plots, too perfect characters, and underdeveloped villains. I already had this idea forming about multiple planets that were connected by gates that all had guardians. I also wanted to show a woman fighting with accepting what she is to the point that it becomes a life or death situation.

If the characters from Unfathomable Chance met the characters from The Sixth Gate, would any of them become friends?

KT: I'd like to think they'd all get along, but I know they wouldn't! The least I can say is that Elisabeth and Diana are both strong women but completely different. I think Elisabeth would like how carefree and in the moment Diana is, how she can just go with the flow. Perhaps even envy her spontaneity. Diana would see a lonely soul in Elisabeth and want to bring her into the fold of their little group. Though Melanie and Stella might find Elisabeth to be standoffish, Diana would recognize she is just not used to being around people. I could go on and on!

Do you ever plan to write a sequel to Unfathomable Chance?

KT: I absolutely do! I have this idea formulating in my mind. I know how the sequel starts, I have a nebulous ending, and I have a few ideas for the middle, but I'm still linking all of the pieces together.

Unfathomable Chance has a lot of weird and wonderful characters in it, both alien and human. Which one was your favorite, and why?

KT: I will always have a love for the Catorian. Cats are indeed aliens (I have two) and they are no doubt my favorite. You can't convince me of another alien anywhere that I'd love more.

What is it like writing across multiple genres? Do you ever prefer one genre over the others?

KT: My heart and soul will always be with the fantasy genre, but I love too many things not to write other genres. I've written historical fiction, crime novels, romance (historical and contemporary in addition to my published fantasy romance), a children's book, and, of course, science fiction.  

What are some of the differences in your writing process between writing a series and writing a standalone?

KT: Normally I map out ideas for a series, but with The Gate Trilogy I just wrote. As more ideas came to me, I'd write them down, and what should have been one book became three. My more complex series I have mapped out chapter by chapter to keep everything straight, but this trilogy was just longer versions of a bigger story (broken into manageable pieces). Yes, that does mean that that I've already written all three books, so you are for sure going to get to enjoy them all!

What is the most important thing you want your readers to know about your upcoming releases?

KT: I already have the releases scheduled for The Gate Trilogy. Here is the release schedule:

The Gate Guardian's Daughter - Prequel - May 20, 2017 (Available for Preorder on Amazon)
The Sixth Gate - Book 1 - July 7, 2017
The Nowhere Gate - Book 2 - July 7, 2019
The King's Gate - Book 3 - July 7, 2021

I have a few books I want to come out with in the between slots, including the Unfathomable Chance sequel -- more to come!

Picture courtesy of K.T.'s website

Thank you so much for coming back, K.T.! I can't wait for The Sixth Gate to be realeased.

Here are all the important links you need to find out more about K.T. and her books:

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K.T.'s Goodreads author page

K.T.'s Facebook and Twitter

Unfathomable Chance on Amazon (Psst -- it's only 99 cents)

Preorder for The Gate Guardian's Daughter (Also only 99 cents!)

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