6 Reasons Why Writers Are Wickedly Awesome

While struggling to get your book published, it's easy to feel a bit worthless. If you're querying, the constant rejection is enough to get anyone down. If you're self-publishing, the daunting challenges of being your own publisher can become so overwhelming that you feel crushed under its weight.

But hey -- just put things in perspective for a second. YOU WROTE A BOOK!

And here are 6 reasons why that is awesome.

1. It shows you're determined

You can't write a novel without determination. If you're not passionate about achieving something hard, it won't get done. But you did get done. So that means you really care.

2. It shows you've got stamina

Novels are tens of thousands of words long. They can take months, or even years to write. You stuck in there for the long haul and kept going, even when the going got tough. YOU GOT STAMINA (and if you heard Sia singing that in your head, that's okay. I did, too).

3. You created people

Your characters are just like real people, except they're made out of words instead of flesh. And you created them. You put them down on paper, making them come to life!

Maybe not quite like this, though. Then again, I don't know what your book's about.

4. You created a world

Not only did you create people, you created your own version of reality! Whether it's Earth, or deep space, or a fantasy world with an unpronounceable name, you came up with a whole new world and put it on the page. Now that is fantastic.

You get the reference, right?

5. You're a rarity

It's an often-quoted statistic that 81% of Americans want to write a book. I couldn't find the exact statistics for how many of them actually do it, but this post claims that only 3% of writers actually finish their book (and that would be out of the number of people who actually started). In any event, the number of Americans who have written a complete, full-length book is almost certainly below 5%. Relish the fact that you had the guts (and determination, stamina, creativity, etc.) to do what so many other people have failed to do. 

6. And finally, you had a story to tell. And by golly, you told it!

Not only did you have something to say, but you slaved away to make sure it got said. Go you!

Writing a book is hard, you guys. And if you've done it, you are officially awesome. So, while I wish you luck in all your publishing endeavours, never forget:

You've already proven that you've got what it takes.

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