Book Review: Snowball by M.Y. Zeman

I've recently started doing a series where I re-post some of my book reviews on this blog. Today's book review is going to be for the first book in the Chronicles of a Wererabbit series, written by M.Y. Zeman.

First, let's have some stats!

Book Title:
Series: Chronicles of a Wererabbit (Book 1)
Author: M.Y. Zeman
Age Category: MG/YA crossover
Genre: Paranormal
Number of Pages (According to Amazon): 248
My Rating: 4 out of 5

I loved reading about Snow and her adventures. While this book is more of an origin story than anything else, it had some kick-butt action sequences, and an interesting twist on vampires and werewolves.

The first half of the book is rather slow, though it contains information that is vital to the story. It does pick up during the second half, when the narrative switches from third person to first. I liked the first person better -- it was really fascinating to read about a wererabbit's take on the world. My personal favorite was when Snow explains how she communicated with Charlene the mouse.

So, despite a slow start, I really enjoyed Snowball. Vampires and werewolves are a very overdone theme, but Zeman puts a fresh twist on them. Also, I've never seen a wererabbit outside of Wallace and Gromit.

You can buy your copy of Snowball here:

I later read the second book in the series, Snow Bunny, and you can find my review of that here.

You can read my interview with the author of this book here.

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