An Interview With Author Sam Savelli!

Today, I'll be interviewing children's author Sam Savelli! Sam has been writing stories from a young age, and he has recently started publishing his 'Creatures of Dawnia' series on Kindle. His latest story, a Christmas-themed adventure, is free on Kindle all through this weekend, so be sure to check it out! You can connect with Sam on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Goodreads.

Welcome to the blog, Sam!

First, tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a British children's writer and creator of the series 'Creatures of Dawnia'. I've been writing ever since I was a young child, and have long held the dream to be an author. 'Creatures of Dawnia' has been my most passionate writing project since I was 12 years old, and I have written over a hundred stories for the series since then! I am now 19 and studying History at the University of Warwick, but I'm still finding any time I can to write.

What books have you written, and what genre are they?

Currently I have released five books in my children's series, 'Creatures of Dawnia'.

Tell us more about your books!

The series follows the adventures of a group of animals who live in the fictional city of Dawnia. The series would probably be classed as fantasy, as the characters come across a whole host of villains including vampires and witches. However the stories are also about the ordinary lives of the animals, they're friendships, their families and their world!

What ages are your books for?

Primarily 7-11.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

The inspiration for the different 'Creatures of Dawnia' stories comes from a diverse range of children's books and TV shows that I enjoyed as a child!

How did you come up with your characters?

I came up with the main characters in 'Creatures of Dawnia' when I was given a drawing book for my twelfth birthday. The book guided me to draw a number of different animals and fantasy creatures and, after drawing lots of these, I began to create a story around them and come up with proper characters for each figure that I'd drawn.

What are some of your favorite books?

I think the books that inspired me more than anything were, despite their simplicity, the Mr Men books by Roger Hargreaves. These books are what started me off writing and, throughout my childhood, I wrote over 150 of my own Mr Men stories!

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming authors?

Keep writing so that the stories you want to tell get finished. An unfinished story isn't of interest to anyone, but a finished story can always find a reader.

What else have you written aside from 'Creatures of Dawnia'?

I'm also hoping to soon publish a children's novel called 'Free as a Bird' which follows the adventures of a red kite bird trying to live up to his reputation as 'The Great Kite'. The Great Kite helps out birds across the country along with his reluctant sidekick, a budgie called Sparky. Look out for this book at some point in the near future!

Thanks for chatting with me, Sam!

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