Finding Time to Write During the Holidays

Finding time to write at any time of the year is hard enough. But what about writing during the holidays?

Usually, things like school and work are not much of a problem over the holidays. But they are replaced by family commitments, procuring gifts for all your friends, and, of course, eating as much chocolate as possible.

So, amid this whirlwind of Christmas preparations, how can you find time to write?

1. Turn the Internet off
The Internet is a huge distraction all the time, but at Christmas it can be even worse than normal. Holiday sales, Christmas status updates from friends, and adorable pictures of cats wearing Santa hats -- with all that going on, you could waste hours browsing online. Try turning the internet off to remove this distraction.

2. Be smart about gifts
What's everyone's biggest bugbear at Christmas time? Presents. Buying presents, especially if you have a large family, can take up loads of time. Don't leave it until the last minute -- prepare well in advance to acquire the gifts several days before Christmas. Also, consider shopping online rather than going to a physical store -- you won't get the presents as fast, but you will save tons of your time and effort. This time and effort can then be spent writing.

3. Write in bed
We all love to lie in during the holidays. But don't just sit there like a lemon during those lazy mornings -- be productive! The moment you wake up, grab your laptop, or even a tablet or smartphone, and write from the cosy comfort of your bed. It won't even feel like work.

4. Consider taking a break from your normal writing
If you've been working on the same book for months, it might be worth taking advantage of this break to take ... well ... a break. But not a break from writing -- just a break from your main work-in-progress. For example, you could try writing a Christmas short story.

5. And finally ... have fun!
Christmas is a time for having fun, but it often doesn't seem like it, with all the administrative headaches involved with organizing presents and parties. Think of your writing as a break from these headaches. If you do that, you'll be more motivated to do it; you'll see it as a privilege and not a chore.

BONUS: You're not the only one!

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