Are You Ever Too Young to be an Author?

The simple answer to the question in the title of the post is: No.

An author is simply someone who writes books and/or stories (they can write articles or textbooks, too, but in this post we are just talking about stories). The only reason why you could be too young to write a story is if you were too young to write down words.

Actually, even this isn't true. Before I was able to write by myself, I dictated stories to my mother for her to write down. I would staple little booklets together, draw pictures in them, and tell her what to write and where to write it. There are plenty of other authors who did this, too.

So, as long as you are capable of speech (or some other form of communication, such as sign language), and you have a literate person to help you, you have the capability to be an author. Then, the only limit is your imagination!

"But what about being a published author?" you might ask. "Is there an age limit for that?"

The simple answer is: Not really.

The youngest published author ever (on record, that is) is Dorothy Straight. She wrote a book called How the World Began when she was four, and it was published when she was six. This is incredibly young, but there's no reason why an author couldn't publish a book at an even younger age. As long as you have a grown-up to help you submit your book to a publisher, you can be published as young as you like.

As for self-publishing to Kindle, CreateSpace or Smashwords, you must have your own email address, and, in Amazon's case, a debit or credit card (you can usually get a debit card at age 12). However, there are plenty of young authors who have published on these sites using their parents' accounts (myself included!), so any age limit isn't really an issue.

Even if you don't get published straight away, you can still write stories to show your friends and family. There's no rush; books can be published at any time, no matter how long ago you wrote them. My real first Super Sporty book was one of the booklets I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, written when I was seven (writing the words by myself, at that point). However, I was only published on Kindle in 2011. And I'm far from being the only one. I know of another young author, Kalonice Berry, who first wrote her book, Naughty But Mice, when she was just five years old!

The original Super Sporty
So there you have it. You can be any age to write, or even to publish a book. With a little imagination (and possibly some help from a grown-up), you can begin crafting your stories right away!


(This is a new section that I'm going to stick at the end of my posts from now on, about me and how my books are coming. That way, if you don't want to hear me waffle on and on about myself, you can just skip this bit.)

I've decided to give CreateSpace another whack. I'm going to try having Introducing Super Sporty printed first, and then, if that works, the rest of my books should soon follow. I'll post more updates when I get a proof copy. Watch this space...

 And the last remastered covers are here!

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